Hey there, I'm Sarah.

My story begins like most graphic designers' stories do. I started drawing at a very young age. My oldest surviving artwork is from when I was two. It is a lovely mixed media (finger paint and pencil) of a lobster on a swing. And that's where the similarities probably end. When I was 5, I told my mom that when I grew up, I either wanted to become a doctor or a "hair-doer"--aspirations I maintained for most of my early years. However, as I continued to grow up, my love of art became a consistent theme. Particularly my love of typography. And then by the time I turned 18, I had also become enthralled with anatomy and physiology (thank you, Mrs. Word), as well as the TV show C.S.I.

So from there, I went to Vanderbilt University and majored in pre-med so that I could become a forensic artist, and combine my two loves--art and anatomy. And then my first chemistry class ended that dream. Along with my first calculus class and my first ethics class. Turns out I was not cut out for all the stuff that went along with pre-med. [Side note: I did have one great experience on the pre-med track, and that was Survey of Genetics (thank you, Dr. Johnson).] That's when I learned the hard lesson that interest and passion are two very different things. Throughout my life I had been interested in medicine, cosmetology, art, and science. But only one passion wove it all together. And that was art. More specifically, design.

After asking myself some hard questions to determine what I was actually passionate about (and was willing to do for the rest of my life), I transferred to Samford University to obtain my degree in graphic design. Even though the classes were still really tough, I fell in love with everything about design. And I still love learning more about design and art--most recently I've begun a focus on hand-lettering and calligraphy (see, you were wondering where that mention of typography would become important, weren't you?). This site is a combination of my graphic design work and my hand-lettering work. I hope you enjoy looking around.